Zamberlan Boot Lasts

Zamberlan employs many different lasts in the manufacture of it's boots. The last is essentially the shape given to the inside of the boot and determines such things as fit, volume, and so forth. During production Zamberlan artisans literally craft the boot around the last starting with the uppers and then later apply the midsoles and outsoles to the boots. Below are descriptions for five of the most common lasts used in Zamberlan boots sold in North America. Please note, this is not an exhaustive list, but represents the vast majority of lasts used in boots for North American consumers:



Zamberlan Technical Last. Reduced volume in the instep area, downturned shape with medium asymmetry, higher volume in the foot flex point, pronounced heel to ankle line for a more technical fit. Used commonly in technical alpine boot applications where a more highly pronounced anatomical fit is advantageous.
Zamberlan Wide Last, features a rounded toe, higher instep, superior overall volume, wider heel lock area, and a roomy toe area to wiggle toes. Used commonly in both backpacking and hunting boot applications for consumers with wide feet up to EE.
Zamberlan Backpacking Last, features a wrapping toe, slightly lower instep, lower overall volume, tighter heel lock area, and a roomy toe area to wiggle toes. Zamberlan's most widely used last with applications in backpacking, stitched, hunting and even alpine boots.
Zamberlan Casual Last. Enhanced rocking area to improve touch down when walking, good volume in the instep, good heel lock area, more casual overall lines suitable to everyday use. Used commonly in Goodyear Welted and other casual boot applications.
Zamberlan Ladies Fit. A women’s specific fit that Zamberlan developed to best suit the various needs of a woman’s foot anatomy. The major aspects taken into account are the following: wrapped ankle, supported instep, narrower heel pocket, higher arches, and a roomy toe area to wriggle toes. Used in all Zamberlan women's boots.
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